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OB'STINATE, a. L. obstinatus.

1. Stubborn; pertinaciously adhering to an opinion or purpose; fixed firmly in resolution; not yielding to reason, arguments or other means.

Zip Set VENMO Cross Purse and Leather Brown Ladies Clutch Bag Leather Shoulder Tote Wallet body Handbag Tassel Strap Bags and Essential I have known great cures done by obstinate resolutions of drinking no wine.

No ass so meek, no ass os obstinate.

2. Not yielding or not easily subdued or removed; as an obstinate fever; obstinate obstructions; an obstinate cough.


OB'STINATELY, adv. Stubbornly; pertinaciously; with fixedness of purpose not to be shaken, or not without difficulty; as a sinner obstinately bent on his own destruction.

Inflexible to ill and obstinately just.


OB'STINATENESS, n. Stubbornness; pertinacity in opinion or purpose; fixed determination.