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Sets Hasted on target character. Hasted increases movement speed by 2m per AP and gives an additional 1 AP per turn. Clears Slowed and Crippled.

 Set Hasted for 2 turn(s).

Requires Pyrokinetic 1
Costs 1 Memory


Haste is a Pyrokinetic Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


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Haste Spell Book Location



Haste Requirements



Notes and Tips



Pyrokinectic Skills
Bleed Fire  ♦   Corpse Explosion  ♦   Deploy Mass Traps  ♦   Epidemic Of Fire  ♦   Fire Whip  ♦   Fireball  ♦   Firebrand  ♦   Flaming Crescendo  ♦   Flaming Tongues  ♦   Ignition  ♦   Infectious Flame  ♦   Laser Ray  ♦   Mass Corpse Explosion  ♦   Mass Sabotage  ♦   Master Of Sparks  ♦   Meteor Shower  ♦   Peace of Mind  ♦   Sabotage  ♦   Searing Daggers  ♦   Sparking Swings  ♦   Spontaneous Combustion  ♦   Summon Fire Slug  ♦   Supernova  ♦   Throw Explosive Trap



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Stag Gym 42cm Beach Personalised 10 litres x38cm Fuchsia HippoWarehouse Event Shopping Bag Tote Do
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